How to get the best results from your Yoni Steam Regimen?

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Growing up as a woman, we must know by now, that every event in our women-hood is associated with Vagina. Be it mensuration or carrying a child our vagina is the pinnacle of all events.
Aside from being one of the most important parts of the body, it is also one of the most delicate parts of the body. And thus require some extra care and comfort. One such process that has been there for ages for vaginal care is called yoni steaming.

Yoni steaming

Getting its name from the vagina which is the yoni, this process of warming and providing moisture in the vaginal region, has been there for ages. It includes herbs that also make it a kind of herbal steaming.
The practice of yoni steam can be both homemade or by any beauty expert at a spa. But both of them follow quite the same process.

At home: Take a container and add herbal steam to it. Then sit on it in a manner that the steam reaches your vagina. You can take anything just make sure that the steam is reaching your vagina.

NOTE- Doing it at home is slightly risky so make proper arrangements for it before using it and also make sure the steam is not too hot, it just needs to be a little warm.

At spa: Doing it at home is slightly difficult so to take that load off you Spas these days have that service for you. There they just bend the old conventional method and make something new out of it. They make it simple like any other therapy, and add herbal steam in the direction of your vagina. This makes it comfortable.

Benefits of Yoni Steaming

The name quite gives us the idea that yes, it will help us heal and take care of the vagina but that is not the only benefit. Yoni steam has a lot to it.

  • It helps to reduce bloating and any kind of pain that is associated with the vagina. It also deals with period cramps. (do not do it in periods).
  • Helps in the menstrual cycle. It practically deals with the blood flow and blood circulation so it can control the blood during mensuration.
  • Releases stress and anxiety. It helps you to calm down and release stress and pain from your body.
  • Helps to achieve emotional balance. It can sometimes also helps you with mood swings and other emotional imbalance. You can heal from any emotional trauma as well.

So, these were a few of the benefits of yoni steam. It is very much required to follow your yoni steam regime properly.

Yoni Steam Regimen

Yoni steam is an age-old process yet not fully accessible to everyone. Not everyone knows about it nor does everyone know how to do it properly. It is very much important to follow your regimen properly for better to the best results. And if you follow us then it won’t be very difficult to start.

How to make full out of your yoni steam regimen?

The most bizarre and problematic thing you can do in the entire routine is to not steam properly. You need to make sure that when you steam you are not doing any sort of deadly blunder. Keep your steam low and make it less hot, because we do not want to hurt that area.

Keep yourself calm and relaxed before going for the steam, and keep yourself calm during the process as well. If you will stress then the entire point of having herbal steam therapy will be nothing.

The Herbs


This is herbal therapy, after all, so we need to take care of the herbs we would be choosing and how we will be using them as well.

Try picking the right herbs for the right time, you can consider a few of the following – rose, motherwort, lavender, etc. After you have decided on the herbs, blend them well.

For best results heat them for around 30 mins and then let them cool down. For a while, check it must not be very hot.

The Process

While doing the process of yoni steam do not keep it too long or too short. To keep yourself relaxed you can very well do any other activity that you enjoy along with side steaming. Make proper timing and schedule as to when you are going to take the steam. Follow that with sheer dedication.

Results are not going to come with just a one-time effort you need to be sure and consistent.

Precautions to take during the yoni steam regimen

While practicing the yoni steam regimen you must know the process and the cautions to take in the practice.

  • Avoid steaming during mensuration. Yes, it is beneficial for the mensuration cycle but does not do it during the time. Instead of doing it before that helps.
  • If your body temperature is higher than usual then avoid this at any cost and the steam will only raise the temperature of your body.
  • If suffering from vaginal pain or infection then also avoid yoni steam. It is better to consult your doctor before that.

And these were a few of the precautions you must take while doing the yoni steam regimen. If you are having any sort of problem or irritation, stop the process immediately, do not rush or overdo things.

The process of Yoni steaming is quite old and now there are various other processes of doing that as well. As we talked about a spa, if you are feeling any sort of difficulty and burden in the process then you can visit those spas as well.
Be kind with your vagina, do not push yourself too hard for the results, you will see results but you have to keep patience all along.

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