The Correct Way To Use Yoni Oil

The vagina is a very important part of a women’s body it is something that defines womanhood for many women. It needs to get proper care and nourishment. Well, the topic of a women’s vagina used to be taboo years ago, and in some cases it still is. But today we are not confined to those walls of not talking about women’s health. We are talking and the issue of vaginal care has reached many. 

We know the vagina is a very sensitive part of a women’s body and is connected to all big events such as periods, sexual intercourse, and childbearing. And due to that, it is more than important to take care of that part. 

Luckily there are various products in the market aimed at taking care of the intimate area. We are talking about one such product today, which is an oil, Yoni oil. Chances are that you might have heard the term yoni once in your life, which means vagina. This oil is meant for vaginal care. So what it is? And how does it helps in vaginal care and how should you use it? 

Let us try to find answers to all the questions here.


Yoni oil

Yoni is a term used for the vagina. The word ‘yoni’ came from Sanskrit and the word is still used in any part of India. Oil, we all pretty much know what that means. Oil is used for any purpose including massage and skincare. 

Yoni in reality is a very special part of a women’s body. It is not only associated with the menstrual cycle and intercourse, but also a gateway to a women’s mind and happiness. It means you must take care of it. 

A proper massage and routine can lead to a healthy and strong vagina. The yoni oil full fills that to a very extent. This has its benefits and has been used by women a lot in recent times. So yes, the vagina is important for health but what are the other reasons for which we must use Yoni oil for vaginal care? 

yoni essence feminine care oil


Why vaginal care?

The reason the vagina must be cared is not something new and all the women already know out there. But again, not everyone knows everything so chances are that you might have missed a few points. No worries we will cover them for you. So let us now dive into, why vaginal care is important? 


We very well know that a woman’s periods play a very important role in the development of her body and mind. It is also important for future aspects as childbearing, so if your vagina is healthy you will have happy periods. 


Vaginal infection is very easy in women. If you do not take proper care of your vagina, then your yoni might get some infections. And having an infection in such a sensitive area of the body can lead to immense pain and severe problems. 

Wetness and secretion

You might notice a white discharge from your vagina that happens when you do not take care of your body and vaginal cleaning. It can cause wetness and problem during active hours. 

Irritation and itching

Feeling irritation and itching in your intimate part is a sign of bad hygiene. You need to take care of your intimate area to avoid such problems. Wash it daily with soap and water. And if in periods then bath daily. 

And so these were a few reasons for which you need to take proper care of your vagina and the best thing yoni oil helps in that. 


Benefits of yoni oil

Yoni oil helps a lot in self-care and hygiene among women. It helps in maintaining the balance and shape of your vagina. It can also be used for any sort of massage it can be used as a yoni massage oil as well (only under expert care).

There are some brands of it, which are anti-bacterial and thus, fights bacteria in your intimate area. It also helps to take care of your menstrual imbalance. Regular use might see some healing in the vaginal region and if used consistently it might help to increase your vaginal power. 


How to use yoni oil?

Yoni oil can be used in various manners. Let us go one by one 

  1. SteamYoni oil can be used to steam instead of herbs. This way it will be keeping an untouched contact with your vagina. Using oils for yoni steam could be a little risky so better consult an expert while making preparations. 
  2. Massage: Another way to use yoni oil is to do yoni massage. For this visit an expert, they will make sure that the contact of the oil and your vagina is limited to the beneficial extent. The direct touch with yoni oil to your inner vagina could be harmful and if you are not any expert chances are that you might end up putting it inside as well. 
  3. Moisturizer: It can also be used as a moisturizer or an after-shower for your vagina. Apply it on the outer parts of your vagina and gently massage it, taking care that it does not enter on the insides. 

And that is how you can use the yoni oil for yourself. 


Yoni oil has many brands and they have different properties. So chances are that one might suit you while others don’t. So while buying take care of the features of each brand and get only the ones that are suited for you. Also if you feel any sort of irritation and problem then do not continue the process any further. You can drop the use and consult your gynecologist if the problem occurs. You can also visit any beauty expert to help you with the use of this yoni oil. 

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