What Is A Yoni Egg And How To Use It?

How to use Yoni eggs

How to use Yoni eggs

A women’s body is precious and needs to be treated with care. Every part of her body is important but what defines her womanhood is her vagina. Not just is it a sexual way but a women’s vagina is known to be the center where every emotion of her prevails. If you are a woman you know very well, how every important cycle in your life is related to your vagina, such as giving birth to a new life, menstrual circle, and many others?

One such thing to relate the emotions and the power of the vagina is the Yoni egg. An egg? Emotions? Power? What is the relation between all of these? Yes, there is and we will try to find out that here.

The power of womanhood

For ages, the talk of a woman’s vagina has been a topic to be discussed behind the walls. Due to it being an intimate part the topic became very intimate and sensitive as stayed so for ages. But everything changes in time and with the growth in education. As the way, medical science kept going and discussion started to become more open the topic of women’s health and its close relation with her intimate side also become clear- speaking physically.

Earlier even women themselves were afraid to talk about it in open now at least they are aware of their health and lifestyle and the way they can handle it, which is a great achievement. Vagina has the power to control the mood and the health of a lady, the person can feel the power if they try to give more thought to it.

But even though the awareness is there, still the topic of women’s health and vagina is not very common and we do not blame anyone for this as it is still a sensitive topic and at least now it is no longer taboo.



Why yoni?

Yoni is an alternative word for vagina, it has its origin from Sanskrit word and is still used in forms of pure Hindi, the language of India. As we already discussed the importance of the vagina, that pretty much explains the fact that why we are putting so much emphasis on yoni. To maintain the balance in a women’s body the proper care of yoni is required.

And as now we know yoni is so powerful, so why not utilize its full power. Well, it sounds like a great idea, still, it is not very easy, considering we are not the ones controlling the insides of our body. So it kind of becomes difficult but not impossible.
So yes, there is a way to maintain and use the power your yoni holds and that is through Yoni eggs.

Discussing Yoni eggs

Your vagina holds enough power to influence your whole body with it. There are believed to be more than 8000 nerves connected to it. Amazing right? Yes, it is and what is more amazing is that you can pretty much enhance them through yoni eggs.

Yoni eggs

yoni eggs

These are not biological real eggs, instead, they are a stone made for the vagina. So why is it called egg? Because it has the shape of an egg. The stone is carved into the shape of an egg. It has to be inserted inside your vagina and it also has a history to it.

The history of yoni eggs

There is no clear-cut proof as to when and where the concept of yoni eggs came but there is some strong evidence that they were first used in China in the emperor’s palace. It is believed they were used by the concubines in the kings’ place. Now the time has evolved and the idea of yoni eggs has reached every part of the world with one more name Jade eggs. They both are the same although in some parts they are more famous by the latter name. These eggs are made in a very sleek fashion so that they can be easily put inside the vagina.

The making of Yoni eggs

Yoni eggs or jade’s eggs are not just of one type, there are various types and they all differ in material, and size. Some are made with very precise specifications while a few are made with extra care and smoothness. Some are sold separately while others are sold in pair or a set, altogether there are no specifications on how they are made and sold, as long as they are serving the main purpose. And what is the main purpose?

What is the main purpose and how to use a Yoni egg?

These eggs are made to strengthen the raw energy in a women’s vagina. This can boost up the sexual energy, power, and emotions of a woman. As we said these yoni eggs differ in materials and have a large variety to them so that also means that every different yoni egg serves a specific purpose some are for power, while some are for love and sexuality so if you are choosing one keep these things in consideration.

Using them requires no special manual just make sure of the time. Take one as per your preference and insert them in your vagina. Take care of the time, it could be anywhere between a few hours to minutes. Take normal precautions and choose the size accordingly.


And those were the benefits and origin of yoni eggs. If you want you should keep in touch with your health expert, you are confused about which one to use. Give yourself and your vagina some more credit and take respect for them both.
Your yoni can turn your fate just you have to take proper care of it. Yoni eggs can be a great start for your care.

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